Project Inspire

Today I'm writing something a little bit different than what I normally do (although the normal is still quite random). My friend Jenna Terese emailed me the other day and told me about an idea she had. It's called Project Inspire, a project to encourage, inspire, and appreciate other writers. It's a bit like a tag, … Continue reading Project Inspire


Meet My Character // Jace

I haven't done one of these for a while so I thought I'd introduce you to my antagonist of Falling Like Stars.Hair color: BlondeEye color: Yellowish gray (they resemble the moon)Height: 5'10Age: He's immortal but he appears about seventeen years old. Jace is one of my favorite antagonists that I've made. He's very manipulative and clever. … Continue reading Meet My Character // Jace

The Return of the Writer + A Tag

*kicks down the door* I'M BACK!!!! Ever since school started I've been busy. BUT NOW IT'S CHRISTMAS BREAK AND I HAVE FREE TIME!!! And I intend to start posting more often. Now, for the tag. RULES: 1. Thank the blogger who tagged you. Thanks, Catwing! 2. Include this link. 3. Use your own lovely Original Characters … Continue reading The Return of the Writer + A Tag

Get To Know Me Tag — WRITER’S EDITION!

I was tagged! Again! Woohoo! Thanks, Catwing! Tag rules: Link back to the person who created the tag (Savannah) Thank the person who tagged you Share the tag graphic Tag eleven bloggers (wow that's a lot) Vital Stats and Appearance Name: Addie. Nickname: Uhh... Addie. Birthday: The same day as Dr. Suess! 😉 Hair color/length: Long and brown. Eye … Continue reading Get To Know Me Tag — WRITER’S EDITION!